Hal ataa ka hadisu Musa?

Apa agaknya nasib Musa?
Kalau ibunya tidak hanyutkan dia ke Nil,
Mungkin dipedang Firaun nyawa dia,
Selamat baginya semacam mustahil.

Apa agaknya nasib Musa?
Kalau Asiyah tidak memeluknya erat,
Tidaklah dia menjadi penyejuk mata,
Mungkin juga maut bisa menjerat.

Looking back at the story of Musa, we know that he had a tough upbringing. Well, his mother casted him away in to Nile; one of the longest river in the world. But Allah had promised her, that he will be returned to her, with him being better; an apostle. All of us are well aware to the condition of Ummi Musa, she was torn between two decisions, neither will benefit her. Well, her son will be away from her one way or another. But, all of us know that Musa was brought back to his mother. Indeed, Allah is firm with His promises.

Reflecting upon ourselves right now, it is pretty much the same isnt it? Well, life is a choice, right? We are stuck between to be or not to be. We do not see the benefit of choosing either one. Well, some of us may have knew it but some of us are still not pretty sure. Dont you look at Ummi Musa? She put her 100% trust to Allah, and Musa didnt only survived but he is a nabi, how good is that?

So, what we are facing right now are Allah's choice for us. Lets prove Him that we got this, and we deserve this. We deserve a better future just like ummi Musa. We may not know of it, but Allah has planned ahead of us.

MI got nothing on us. We have Allah.

Bismillahi tawakkaltu a'la Allah. "Truly, my Lord is with me and He will guide me through." (26:62)