Perihal cikgu

“Jadi cikgulah, long.”
“Kenapa, abah? Along taknak jadi cikgu.”
“Nanti senang jaga suami, anak.” This is my boost, whenever I am breaking down. Not the “Senang jaga suami, anak" part, though. Because I know, I am always in his du’a. He wanted me to become one and inshaAllah, (please make du’a as well) I will become one. 
I am always wanted to be a teacher, because my mom teaches and it’s pretty awesome to look at her writing on the board, and the excessive usage of red-inked pen. Well, maybe because my early life was exposed to the career of teaching only. My teachers teach so yeah. I never know what my dad does until I was 12. 
And as I grow up, my fond of teaching kind of faded. I’m not gonna lie, it’s about the salary thingy. For me, teachers make less money and I was researching what was the highest paid job, and made my way towards it.

When it came to the day that I really had to choose, for my UPU, I had chosen TESL, because of my dad. But I was not qualified so yeah I went to Perlis Matriculation College. I aimed for 4.00 and at least band 4 MUET just to pursue my undying desire for TESL. 
Then the real deal was this, Abah was so happy when I am considering TESL in USM for my degree. But, when this (studying in Birmingham) came up, he was not that happy. He didn’t really say it but he was like, “Abah rasa USM lagi bagus kot.” And people were saying I am so kental, to stay away from my family but abah would say, “Nampak je kental tu.” Ke abah yang tak kental duk jauh dengan along? Hahahaha

Anyway, there are some points of my life where, “Aku nak ajar senang je kot tapi kenapa kena belajar complicated sangat ni?” But, a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor. To educate others, the first thing I have to do is, educating myself.