Selamat 21

I am 21 alhamdulillah. Thanks for all the duas, may Allah grant you the same if not better. Ameen.

"I will let you do anything when you turn 21." - Abah.
(That conversation took place when I asked him to drive to somewhere which is 2hours away from home. But now I am too lazy to drive)

Well, I dont know to what extend is anything lol.
That is just one prove that I am a big girl now.
Big girl comes with big responsibilities, aite?

But will all these fiascos, I have to thank Allah for all the blessings He showers me. For all the problems that are eventually also blessings in disguise.
For good companies that Ive met in SKBA, SMKDI, KMP and UOB.
For great memories created.
For the utmost loves from everyone, awhh just thank you for the love.
For the best mom and dad, who choose to have me in the halal way, who pick good name for me, who take a good care of me even when you are lacking.
For the best sibs ever, you guys are too much sampaikan along have to be more than too much, well they are one of the reasons why I am fighting so strong (they cant see my weaknesses).
For those who had known me forever, dealt with my whatsoever.
For strangers.
Simply for everyone.