Hujan hidup

So it is rainy in Kelantan, a heavy downpour I must say. I cant exactly tell what other states are experiencing, practically maybe the same as it is its season. 

I remember that I used to love rain so much that when it started to rain I would go out and spun around like theres no tomorrow. At time like this (December), my grandmas will be flooding, like cars cant stay in that compound or else it will break the car down. I remember staying at my grandmas until the age of 7. So, every year rain is something I look out for and I prayed for the flood. Yeah, I wanna swim like dory hahaha

As I grow up, my tolerance to rain kinda faded. I mean I still love the rain but now it doesnt serve me any importances. When its flooding, I cant go anywhere and now flood seems dirty to me, when it rains, I get heavy headache like seriously always. But I still love watching rain and I feel blessed everytime I heard the downpour. 

In Birmingham, the rain is not that heavy so I kinda miss Malaysian rain. The fact that I am now in Malaysia, and I can actually smell and heard the rain existence, I felt so happy. 

Rain symbolises something to someone, for me it symbolises hope. I used to be so worried when it is not raining. At home, the water supply is only from the rain. We collected our own water in the well, and transmitted it around. No, we dont scoop the water out, we have mechanism yknow. So when it is not raining, it is so obvious that theres no water in the well. Water is your basic needs, right. You practically cant live without water, well your body mass includes water as well so yeah.

And also, when it rains Allah hears you out. Irony, doesnt it? When it rains like so heavily you have to scream to your mom so that she can hear you, but with Allah you can speak your heart out in the most silent way but He hears you. How awesome Allah is and you cant even trust Him in dealing with your affairs? That is hope and love right there.

So actually, things in life if treated in different perspectives may serve you differently. As you grow up, your mentality grows and you tend to worry too much about things. We occupied ourself with so called big things in life that we absolutely have no control of the results. And we worry too much, we do. Stop worrying, it wont change anything :) sort things out, you cant aggravate the problems by worrying. start living your life like a happy person, make lots of duas and have tawakkul all the way.

P/s: to be worried sometimes its fine but dont take it to the extreme side :)