Boycott ke tak?

There was this one time I was into baking so much so I bake every single day, literally. I dont’t eat too much sweets but my brother, Ih do. So, I was thinking to bake (I had only put it to chill, I didn’t bake it, now I am confuse with myself) an oreo cheesecake. Ih was gonna get the best of both worlds; oreo and cheese. I was so happy for him. 

So I took the car key and asked my utmost company, Farah Najihah to come with me. It took me +-10mins to drive from my home to Jerteh. As we get out of the car, I got my phone prepared with the recipe and my mind was only for the oreos. I took the shopping basket and went straight to the cookies isle. There were already two girls in their batik uniforms picking their cookies. As I laid my hands on the glorious OREO, one of girls started to be a little loud;

“Aku rasa OREO ni boikot lah.”
“Eh ye ke. Asal pulak?”
“Dia sumbang USDxxbil ke Israel nuh.”
(Solidariti paling pergh sekali siap dengan statistical figure)

Being the Fatin Nabila, I couldn’t help but reacted in a funny way duh why did I even do it — I had to put the oreo down. I was about to went to other isles but then no I came back and showed how firm I am with myself and took 3 tubes of oreo where the recipe only asked for 2, I am a rebel hahaha. But then this got into my mind, I blankly drove and with the ‘sel-sel otak bergabung’ Farah Najihah, she had to ask every single detail of everything.

“Along, ada masalah ke?”
“Along tengah pikir ni betul ke oreo boikot.”
“Boikot tu apa?”
“Takleh beli.”
“Tak halal ke, tu ada cop JAKIM.”
“Bukan takleh makan, takleh beli nanti along explain.”
“Kalau takleh beli, maksudnya haram lah.”

I turned the radio off and asked her to sing. She magically stopped.

I was so lucky that the activist in me was not aggressive. If I was to narrate her the story of massacre in Palestine, she would not eat anything hahaha, my Farah Najihah is easily influenced may Allah guide her through. Being a typical Muslim (checking halal label, or ingredients only after buying it or worst after eating it), I checked online for the list of merchandise supporting the zionist entity. Our (my) ethical purchasing decision is frustrated by the lack of information as to which companies to boycott. Thing is, not everything boycotted are haram, most of them are halal and people always got the wrong idea of boycotting. Boycotting is basically to put financial pressure to those companies that supported Israel to change their policies. 

Remember this one occasion where McDonalds operation had come to an almost stop because of the pressurised campaign and attacks by the people whose moved by the genocide in Gaza particularly. There was this one guy, relax je bukak puasa makan nasi kerabu dekat McD pergh pergh and I was so amazed how Malays were so firmed with what they are doing and we care only when things are viral, right? Sorry, for generalising the Malays but you know better. When the war was announced to end, we were so happy because our campaign had at least made an impact but did the genocide actually ended, and did our solidarity went distorted? 

I have been one of the firm people to boycott Israeli goods. I have not purchased Nestle, Coca-Cola and McDonalds in a long time now. I am blessed with me being not that fanatical over fancy foods and drinks. I am so blessed to in the kampung eating nasi bungkus hahaha. Well, my fight maybe is easy and I know everybody is in guilt pun to see the zionist occupied land filled with blood. I know it is hard for some people because McD maybe is their staples, or Nestle is their only choice of brand or to have good skin by all means to only use L’oreal. But it only as hard as your mind think it is. As Mahatma Gandhi said, be the change you want to see.

p/s: You can always google which product to boycott. Have fun googling. There are a few companies that has changed their policies so the list is not that rigid. Here’s one

p/s(ii): oreo tak boycott inshaAllah