Do good!

Assalamualaikum wbt and peace y’alls.

So, I have been thinking about this for 6 months now, err wait, for as long as I live kot. I bet everybody has had this thought before. The thought of, “I am not good enough, why bother doing good?”

Before I elaborate even further on this subject, let me tell you a story. It happened back in November I guess and I did wrote something about it but I did not post it because I think it was better off as a draft. November was soaking wet and it rained so heavily almost everyday resulting to wet ground – mud. I will always wear my Sketcher and it is light in colour, so any stain will effect how it looks. As time goes on, my Sketcher caught some mud on. I can barely tell that it was shoes as the condition was awful.

I left the shoes in the bathroom with the intention of getting it clean and clear again for two weeks. And I had to wear my not-so-comfortable shoes as an alternate. Then, I decided to do some deep cleaning as it bothered me so much for not having able to wear them anymore. When I thought that it was all shiny and all new as if it just came out from the store, it did not. I let them rest by the heat of my heater and guess what there was one tiny spot on the shoes that it bothered me down to the core. I kept on looking at the spot.

When I was in class, I was in deep thought with what the lecturer was writing. He was writing on the white board with a black inked marker. Why was I only focusing on the black ink rather than the huge white board? It was because the the spot\black ink was a small diffusion to something plain making it a bit rare and stand out.

So, what was my question again in the beginning? Yeah, that one. The don’t do good when you are not good enough. How the heck that these two things are related? Well, let me break this down to you. Well, as negative as the spot on my shoes may be, but it surely did taught me something positive.

Then We gave the Book as inheritance to such of Our servants whom We chose. Then of them are some who wrong themselves, and of them are some who follow a middle course, and of them are some who are, by Allah's leave, foremost in good deeds. That -- that is indeed a great grace.” [35:32]

In this beautiful ayat, Allah categorized us – the heir of the Quran into 3; them who wrong themselves, them who follow a middle course and them who do good deeds. I was confused when I was reading the translation of this ayat and it led me to read the Ibn Kathir’s tafseer of the ayat. Ibn Kathir had mentioned a scholar review and a hadith regarding this ayat.

1)    Ali bin Abi Talhah reported that Ibn `Abbas commented on the Ayah: (Then We gave the Book as inheritance to such of Our servants whom We chose.) "This refers to the Ummah of Muhammad. Allah caused it to inherit every Book that He had revealed; those who wrong themselves will be forgiven, those who follow a middle course will have an easy accounting, and those who are foremost in good deeds will enter Paradise without being brought to account.''

2)    Abu Al-Qasim At-Tabarani reported from Ibn `Abbas that the Messenger of Allah said one day: (My intercession will be for those among my Ummah who commit major sins.)'' Ibn `Abbas (may Allah be pleased with him) said, "Those who are foremost in good deeds will enter Paradise without being brought to account; those who follow a middle course will enter Paradise by the mercy of Allah; and those who wrong themselves and Ashab Al-A`raf will enter Paradise by the intercession of Muhammad .''

These hadith imply that no good deeds are wasteful. Everything will be put into our account of deeds. In this surah – Fathir; Allah also mentioned how “Verily, He is Oft-Forgiving, Most Ready to appreciate.” Which Ibn Abbas and others had described it as "He forgives them for their major sins, and appreciates even the smallest of their good deeds.'' I am in love already but na-ah this is not a dalil for us(who are already Alhamdulillah nice enough – pray, read Quran etc) to do something bad in purpose but He is ready to forgive, okay? Don’t delay your repent.

I had read a book by Asghar Ali Chowdhry, which I purchased from Amsons. It is the “Solutions to Youth Problems” and he had stated something really interesting regarding friends. He said that every human has two friends; the good one is conscience and the bad one is self. If we are to follow our conscience, we are going to live happily ever after and vice versa. To put this into the context of this post is, your conscience has always tell you to do good but your own self will always withstand you from doing good by whispering that you are not good enough.

But hey, as Allah is Oft-Forgiving – He understands our struggle and yes our good deeds will never be perfect enough but He forgives every deficient in your deeds. No matter how awkward you feel by doing good because you are not good enough (implying to the story of the spot on the shoes), eventually, you are going to learn to live by that. Well, I did not see the black spot anymore. You deserve to do good. It could qualify you to at least the syafaat of Muhammad. Never underestimate the value of doing good and how merciful Allah is.

May you have a great day. Let us spread good all over the world  :)