Random nenek

Assalamualaikum wbt and peace yalss!

How have you been? I pray for you to be in the best state of iman and health. Ameen.

Alhamdulillah it is finally the wrap up of the Ummah Week, and yes there are so many life changing experience to be a part of the team. Ummah Week is basically a week-packed events focusing on raising money for the needy. So, to raise money ain't nothing easy, people. You gotta work, work and work and that was what we did.

Ironically, I won't be writing about Ummah Week as in for this post. I will write about a grandma that I have met in Aldi. Me and my friends went to Aldi to buy stuff to cook for the Ummah Week. We barely bought nothing as we already have everything. So, not wanting to leave Aldi empty handed, we bought three coffees and a pack of plastic bags.

As we were in the queue, there was one grandma with a trolley and a lot of stuffs. She is really old, in my perspective and I want to help but oh my I really hate rejection. Then, I made up my mind that I wanted to help. So, I helped her to put her stuffs on the counter and she smiled saying thank you. She was trying to create a conversation and she was so nice.

She noticed that our stuffs were not as much as her and she let us to move in front of her in the queue. I thanked her and she said something that pretty much made my day.

"One kindness deserves another."

I asked her will she be alright to put her stuff back in the trolley and she nodded with a punch in the air to symbolise how strong she is.

I know Allah wanted me to learn something, and I know he wanted me to do this in the best of sincerity ever. Because kindness is hard, when you do it without any sincerities, it will be even harder. You tend to complaint and exhausting yourself out of nothing.

Have a nice day, yals!