That mysterious chicken, tho

Assalamualaikum and peace yalls!

gambar hiasan lulz

We live in a house of four and we cook accordingly. We have a schedule and that is super important to ensure that everybody is well fed. It is Spring Break right now and more to a study leave because of the summer exam. Our schedule is broke down to this, well I am not very good in explaining this but here goes;

We have 5 weekdays (Monday-Friday) and since there are only four of us, and luckily Wednesday is half day of school so everybody will be off by 1pm. So we voted for who gonna cook on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, and we take turns on Wednesday. Meaning that someone has to cook twice once every month. Sometimes, someone who cooks on Monday will be generous enough to cook on Sunday, combining the meals for Sunday and Monday. So yay to that we have food on Sunday.

But things has gotten pretty mysterious when it comes to Spring Break. Well, we normally would eat together and yeah we keep track of who has eaten and who has not, but not at this crucial month. We barely eat together it is usual for someone to not eat what had been cooked for that particular day (saved it for another day). The problem rose when it is time for someone else to eat and there are #leftoversnotleftovers and of course the who-has-eaten, did-she-ate game would be constantly asked. FYI, we packed 4 pieces of chicken per bag and it may be 5 per pack or even 6. But lemme tell ya it is very tiring when the answer is "I don't know" and I get really concerned with the chicken left alone in the pot #foreveralone. This has not gotten in my mind before but since there is a piece of chicken left for two days, I need to come out with a solution. Because communication is the key, here and with the constraint of tendency to be left hanging when someone updates "I have eaten" on whatsapp, I designed this sheet.

This sheet is surely helpful and really cut the hassle of asking everybody who has eaten and who has not or even WHOSE-CHICKEN-IS-THIS-IT-LOOKS-TASTY. It is need to be "ticked" by who has eaten on that particular day. And the chef of the day has to update how many pieces the chicken are and how she would like the chicken to be paired up if and only if the chicken are more than 4 pieces. Well, it really takes time to adapt to a new system but yeah we are trying lulz.

Anyway, the point is, staying organised in even the smallest aspects really do change even the biggest aspects of your life. I mean organisation is the key to success. Ali bin Abi Talib once said that "A contrived falsehood will defeat a not arrayed truth." This is a really profound statement because no matter what you are doing (good or bad but hopefully it is good), when you plan it carefully it will eventually work out. Planning is not a walk in the park, though. But doing something without a plan will destruct it even more. 

In this crucial month, it is really important to really plan out your study blue print. Because this kinda time only come once and we have to work smart. Working smart only works when we have clear plans. Why work hard when you can work smart? Keeping an organised life will keep you productive as well. Don't ya think? 

Anyhow, good luck everybodyyyyy!

You, choose!

Assalamualaikum and peace yalls.

*A sucker for motivational quotes these days*

How much can a week be from mehhh I can't study and I have no drive at all to carry all these things on my osteoporotic shoulders to yeayy I am gonna wake up early, and even it is not that sunny but anyway gonna take my bath and study. So that is me typically on a daily basis. A lame battle against myself whether to pour all 24 hours in a drain or to stay productive. I repeat LAME.

This is a short post, lemme remind you that but me gonna share something interesting I found online (facebook to be exact), quoted "You may see me struggle but you will never see me quit."

Am so relieved to write this out lol.

Good day, everybody :)

The call

Assalamualaikum and peace yalls.

*need an amaneunsis, for REAL* Exam is totally one week from now and I can't wait to sit for the exams and earn my freedom once and for all but yeah that nervous nerves inside me are jumping like crazy. More to an anxiety rush, people but please do make duas that everything will be smooth and fine ameeen!

So today I feel like writing and of course me gonna write a bit about the Studying in Birmingham series *lol* and this is the third part, so you can always jump to Part1 and Part2 of course. Thanks to the power of technology.

So yep, done the interview and stuff and it is all about the waiting game now, people. I was just one call away from studying in Birmingham but naaahhh not gonna think about that for a while because I had just butchered the interview like seriously butchered it. So, probably the best thing to do was hanging out with everyone that I befriend with so that nobody will be left out in the next 2 or 3 years. Degree life is so hectic and people had been telling me that I will literally be glued to the lecture notes, books and reports once I stepped in the unihood.

It was in August where it was time for the UPU to be announced and I was muttering nervous idioms, every now and then. That was how nervous a single click back then. From the sweetest butterfly in the stomach to the dreadful sitting on the edge of the seat. It was that deadly. I can literally die choking in my own fear and anxiety. But big girl gotta do what big girl gotta do, so I logged in my IC number (I don't remember how the system works but I think it was based on Ics) and tadaaa the server was down. Nervous for nothing but a bit relieved. So I tried using the SMS service and alhamdulillah USM's TESL and UKM's Science Physics were written in the message and I know immediately that me want USM. But naah my mind did not want me free from the choosing game and decided to think for itself every pros and cons for both courses. And I was torn apart at that moment. I did isthikarah but I think USM is the most calming call for me. Maybe the northern peninsula is so much closer to my heart. And now I got to do a lil bit of another waiting -- waiting for the offer letter and hang out somemore.

So finally the offer letters were gracefully sent by the mail guy and buhbye UKM, hello USM. There were a lot of stuff in the USM's envelope but not in the UKM's, and I had to print out a lot of stuffs for USM. Let's go green. I think they did also assigned me to a student house so I did not have to go through all the I-WANT-TO-BE-IN-THE-SAME-ROOM-AS-MY-FRIEND drama #clingy #dependant #notreadytoleavehome #canitakemymomwithme. It was all sorted out for me. I even joined the USM facebook group (or did I joined both?). To ask stuff and of course me no active at all. I also googled the shopping malls available near the campus hahaha.
I had two phones at that moment, one is more stable than the other. I had my most important number in the not so stable phone. So, I did not charge it that often hence people couldn't really reach me. But in one misty cold morning, it was fasting month back in 2013, I finally decided to charge that phone. I left it in my room and when I opened the door to enter my room, I saw a light coming from the phone and there was a call, unknown number but I picked it up anyway. 

"Hello, Fatin Nabila Rosly?"
"Yeah, it is me."
"I am ***** from KPM. I wanted to tell you that you are chosen to study in Birmingham."
"What? Really? Do I have to choose now?"
"Yes, now."
"Oh okay I do."
"Okay, we will sent you out the offer letter."
"Thank you. Bye."

O M G ! I was chosen! I had to pinch my cheek just to make sure that it was not a dream and I had to scream to tell my whole household that I am going to the UK. My mom was like, "You have to buy me designer bags." Erkkk I did not respond. 

To be continued.....

It's Spring....wait a minute!

Assalamualaikum and peace yalls!

*pretty much sum up my post*

This week is the final week of Spring Break and that means revision lectures, equivalent to #wehavetogotouni #getoutofthehouse #ohmyduvet. So, today it was a bit windy when we left the house at 0830ish, so I need to put my jacket on, regardless. I was so reluctant to do to as the sun was out and shining. FYI, I did not look at the forecast unless when it was winter time -- the snow waiting game, of course. That's my bad. Everything was nice and cosy again as we get into the building and my oh my was it the perfect temperature?

After an hour or so, we had to get out and of course it was still windy and I was shaking so bad that my neck hurts. Was considering to put on neck braces but that would be too much. Anyhow, we went to our favourite study spot and stayed for 2 hours or so until lunch time. My stomach was growling but I know there was nothing edible at the moment. Well, unless I braced myself and go get meself some food and come back for lunch hour (no doubt HUNGRY). I was not that interested to get myself into trouble amidst the famine (in my stomach). 

I stopped writing 30mins before lunch hour just to picture the succulent jacket potato (baked potatoes topped with various fillings) and the so crunchy curly fries. My oh my, did I just swallowed a bowl of rice for breakfast? Na-ah did not remember that. I sprang up of my chair (literally) when the clock struck 12 and it is lunch time, everybody. It was cold, still but I know travelling 5mins for food will always worth it. At first, I wanted the curly fries but I had to wait for 7mins and my baby can't wait so I go for the jacket potato instead. We headed upstairs, to the musalla and we ate our food like happy kids. 

After getting the stomach filled and praying dhuhr, we headed out for our next class and guess was hailing outside. No wonder why it was so cold. But we still need to attend class, people and mehh it was not big of deal. We clenched our teeth and made it to the lecture room and it was heaven. It was still a bit cold that I did not take my jacket off. After 30mins or so, the lecturer wrapped up his session and we headed outside again.

Guess was sunny like there was not a slight sign of flurries or rain. My gosh, it was that fast and it was still cold, for the record. There was a see-saw of weather until we come home. And we have seen a lot in not more that 24 hours, guys. It is almost May, but what can't you say, kun fayakun (Be! and it will be.) 

This is the newest update regarding this matter, so you can check here.

There is a logic in this phenomenon, don't worry. It is called (click on this for a fun explanation) Sudden Stratospheric WarmingIt is informally defined as an abrupt jump in temperature way up in the stratosphere causing the weather to be colder as usual.

I had one conversation with one of my housemates when we were eating. I was eating beef and it was so tough, it almost took my teeth out. 

"Look! I can still chew on this beef when it is this tough. How amazing human beings are?"
"But to look at different angle, we helplessly sneeze when a tiny dust particle get into our nose."
"Yeah, that is so right. I think when Allah wills for something to happen then it happens?"

Well look at the water, we can drink it without breaking a single sweat with Allah's permission but when it is flooding, water will wipe us all out, again with the permission of Allah. He who sends down the wind, the snow, the rain and the sunny light all by His own permission and for our own good. So, fret not people (myself). He knows best while you know not. I don't know how relatable this is but anywayyyy....have a good day! 

O caliphs

Assalamualaikum and peace yalls.

As you might have known, my mom gave birth to a beautiful baby boy on 30th March and I already dedicated him a caption on instagram but I have found one that was written by my brother as well. It is so beautiful that I think worth sharing, here goes:

10 months and a week you got us waiting. You sure are a spoil little one even before you were born. I guess you are the last puzzle coz I doubt our umi can handle more with her age(lol?)
I was hoping for you to be my second little sister so that I can look out for you and tease you even when you grow older and make you my little slave but since you are a boy I hope that you can carry the responsibility as a son and do much more than any of your brothers. You were born when everyone is ready to leave home and get on with their own life such that your childhood wont be awesome as mine, but no worries I will be your fool for years to come just as I was a fool for your sister when she was still learning how to speak. When your cuteness wear down and your childish antics become more apparent and you start to tick our family, I will be the one that scold the one that scold you. I'm happy you were born when you can have anything you want since birth while I was born when maggi is a luxury so that, you growing healthy  is a sure thing. Well welcome I hope you become someone that I prayed for....a better muslim

You are always gonna be that awesome brother. Can't wait to meet you. May Allah grant you health, happiness and success. Psst, I love you.

I am screwed

Assalamualaikum and peace yalls.

So this is the second part to my Studying in Birmingham, you can view Part 1 as well before you read this one.

Apart from USM, I also apply for Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia for TESL and Science Physics but I had not been given any chances for the UKM interview and I started to be a little bit worried. No way I will not going to get my studies furthered (sad face). This paranoid little girl really was paranoid. I got an offer from UniKL as well and I had to pay RM250 as the confirmation fee. And I was like, that is it, I am going to go to UniKL, gonna do my Chemical Engineering because I was likely going nowhere. Even UKM don't want me. I told my mom that I was too worried and my heart was pounding every second back then. That led me asked my dad for RM250 and pay for the UniKL fee (my dad still want that RM250 back).

Days past and no news from anything (kinda forgot about the overseas thingy dah) and I kinda lose hope and am I really going to be an engineer? I asked Allah to always ease my path and give me the ultimate best, never felt more connected to Him than when I really need to get out from any trouble. Sigh~ human being (me) is lame. I don't want to be an engineer, not in a million years. I will rather teach physics hahaha that teacher blood flowing in mehh.

Actually everything that happened before this line were prior to my final results. So the result day came and there were no one home at that time for me to share my happiness so I had to jump all by myself, congratulated myself. Then my mom came home from school and we went to pizza hut to celebrate (no Domino's in Kelantan back then *sad face*). I was so happy and asked my dad for a new phone. A new pink limited edition Samsung Galaxy S2 had been a buzz in the town so I wanted that one for me. 

Few days after that, the post guy came to my home on Friday afternoon. That was very rare, people. People don't work on Fridays in Kelantan. We only work from Sunday to Thursday. And finally Alhamdulillah I got the letter calling for an interview  that was held in Penang. Few days after receiving the letter, I went for the interview and it was so fun but terrifying at the same time. The panelists were all women and you know how strict women can be. 

"Name 3 courses that you want to do."
1- Mathematics
2- Physics
3 - Computer Science

"Are you going to be fine when posted to Labuan?"
"*I need to get married before hand, then* Wow, that will be great. More flying hours for me, then hahaha (it was a joke, they laughed don't worry). Where ever it is, the thing I got to do is of course teach and teaching is not determined to where someone has to teach or to what someone has to teach but to how someone has to teach. So where ever it is, for me it is the same, minus the family but my family is in Kelantan so same story anywhere."

"What are the courses that you picked for your UPU?"
"They are all teaching courses, mainly TESL."

"How will you prepare yourself before going to the UK?"
"There are of course a lot to prepare considering UK is a not well acquainted place for me. In terms of physical preparation, exercise is always the best answer. I need to stay fit and away from sickness considering that I will be so far away from my family. Mentally and spiritually, I need to keep myself positive and motivated and to mind my relationship with God. UK is not an Islamic country so I don't want to lose my religious norms by being in the UK, so got to have that prepared."

"Okay, thank you. We wish you the best of luck."
"Thank you."

I went storming to search for my parents and told them that I had screwed the interview big time. It was because of my handbag, duhh why did I carry it in the first place? When I sat down for the interview, I put my bag down on the floor and after the interview, I-FORGOT-TO-PICK-THE-BAG-UP and one of the panelists said, "You know this shouldn't happen, don't you?" I said my sorry and almost cried but big girl don't cry. My dad eased my paranoia a bit by saying, "Don't worry abah got cable one in UPSI." As not helping as it might sound, I can't help but laugh. So, we went home straight after the interview and I was so tired but I helplessly pray to Allah to ease my path. Ameen

See you soon!

Teacher wannabe

Assalamualaikum and peace yalls.

So today me gonna write the continuation to my Studying in Birmingham. This is more to a pre-departure stuff and how I really got this offer, full of drama (spoiler alert) and I ain't gonna romanticised the whole thing, lemme get this straight. This is not a nonsense effort to terrify you but I do learn something very valuable (a bit cliche but for REAL).

I haven't got a title for this post, yet but fret not Imma post this with a title and I have pre-departure in mind but yeah it is okay I am going to continue writing until I figured out the title. Enough with the title dramaaaa, let's finally jump into this (should I put some pictures in this post, should I not? Maynnn~)

My pre-degree studies was in Kolej Matrikulasi Perlis (KMP) or hyped to be Perlis Matriculation College. I did not want to go to this place at first, considering that my choices were Kolej Matrikulasi Kedah, Kolej Matrikulasi Penang and Kolej Matrikulasi Melaka, was super sad Kelantan got none. So I was in the remote-no shopping complex-only Cmart-dorm life-sharing toilets-eating at the cafe-none glamorous stuff KMP for a year. In matriculation stage (science stream), you got three choices to do. Haa you thought this one gonna be difficult, wait till you get older la. Basically the choices (modules) are :

1) Pure Science (Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics)
2) Mechanical Science (Maths, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science)
3) #idkwhattocallthis ( Maths, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science)

So I had chosen what my mom had told me to choose, she was like "Along, don't you dare take Biology." Being a solehah daughter and not loving Biology, yes you guess it right, I took Module 2. Thought of drum rolling this but never mind. I get to adapt pretty fast with the fast and challenging matriculation life (rolling my eyes and sleep). Thanks to my ever so lovely roommates, and classmates. I went to this KMP just to pursue my 4flat and at least band 4 MUET because I wanna do TESL for my degree.

Fast forwarding to 10 months or so, we are required to fill in our UPU form (don't know what this stand for too lazy to google it) and yeah you guess it super right that my choices were all TESL. Wanna do TESL so bad and now I am three years in my Maths degree gotta tell ya my English is rustic I can't even pronounce procrastination right, so doomed. I also filled in the form that brings me all to way from Malaysia to the UK. Never heard of this one until my friend told me. Did someone announced this? I don't know but maybe I wasn't paying any attention. Me good girl. I filled that form in when it was 2 days before it was due. And I need all those certificates which I didn't have any of them with me and got my mum to send it to my or to fax it I don't even remember because it was that long. But yeah alhamdulillah I eventually submitted it and waited for the best result. This was a month before our second sem finals.

After I had finished the studies, we went home and I went through a series of interviews, well couple of them. The first one was from Universiti Sains Malaysia. I was so lucky to have the interview back in my hometown rather than in Penang. After 5 days my parents had picked me up from Perlis, then they have to go to Penang? For an interview? Na-ah I am not doing it but alhamdulillah it was in Kelantan. The first part of the interview is of course to write a "Why do you want to be a teacher?" essay. I wrote a 4-pages long essay, and of course with my big and bulky handwriting, normal people will take up to only 2 pages. But I know students love someone whose handwriting is big and clear. That's a check for me. Honestly, I did not prepare much for this, considering this is my first ever interview. I heard 4 other candidates (they know each other, me forever alone) start to practice a very common questions that are likely to be asked. Who is the chancellor? What it TEFL? and what not. I composed myself and I trusted my guts even more, so no complaint. Just gonna wing it, like always. A girl without a plan, duhh.

Then, I was relocated to other rooms with other candidates. They are males, so they have to kinda go first, to be interviewed. No ladies first here. It was Friday noon and Friday prayers, guys so they got the advantage. So Imma chillin' right there and did what I do best, staring at the blank walls. USM pretty nice. My cold sweat broke when I heard them calling my name. Was it a call to the discipline department? No, even scarier. I handed my resume in and they.....colour tested me. So well the dreaded session began.

"Why should we pick you?"
"Well I am a very flexible person, able to adapt to any kind of situation very fast. It is uncommon for me to break down under pressure and I think USM is a very demandable university, that the input should generate the best output. So that one is a pressure right there, but yeah I will always try my best to be in the state I am with or without pressure."

"How will you attract your students when you are a teacher?"
"I think the name speaks for itself. The meaning of my name is attractive so I think that is a piece of cake for me hahaha. (This is a joke, people). So yeah, to be in the USM will expose me to various and latest teaching skills that will be undeniably useful for my future career. 

"How will you cater your students, when the language used in most subjects is Bahasa Melayu?"
"For me I speak Bahasa Melayu all the time and that doesn't really tarnished my English. It is a learning process and there are a lot of ways to learn English. Well, me myself I learned English by watching TV and listening to English songs. These are the easiest way to have a fun teaching session and students will be feeling less pressured."

I don't even know what has just came out from my mouth and that three questions were killers. Need to walk the talk, don't I? (Finally, got the title!)

So this post has been a little too long. Will update on this really soon! Have a great day everybody :)

p/s: This is me; about to go to the interview, donned my mom's baju kurung (the most comfy one) with my resume in hand. Pat in the 2013-me's back.

*editing game still strong*

My mum

Assalamualaikum and peace yalss.

No, it is not my mom's birthday.

So today I called my mom just to get myself motivated and hopefully more productive. Haven't called her in a week, yeah she is pretty busy with her newborn boy, breastfeeding and stuff.

That typical whatchu doin, umi? And how's life? Everybody home? Did anyone get sick? How's ebi? How's abah? How's ih? How's everyone? My everyday script. I am more of a daughter when I'm home than on the phone. I tend to act all macho on the phone hehehe.

I am the eldest, turning 22 and haven't even confronted my mom with mommy-daughter issues and I think she might think of me as a late bloomer duhh. I am a shy daughter and I don't know how to have adult talks with her but today I tried.

My gosh her replies were the best, out of this world even. She made me look into a completely different and many angles. I know she kinda anticipated for her eldest to ask her for life advices. She was like excuse me girl, I eat more salt than you. That will make her tongue saltier than mine? What's the logic behind that, anyway?

And I know that she completely trusts me to make whatever decision for my life. She knows I am smart enough to deal with my life. She is still gonna be my forever pet-talks to go to.

Studying in Birmingham (intro)

Assalamualaikum wbt and peace yalls!

It is Spring and no it doesn't all mean flowers and sunny day, it means to be indoor whole day long (everyday) and to literally face the books (lecture notes) and study. So this is what I am currently up to, in case you are wondering :p but yeah I kinda need to have my escape for a little while and I choose to write today. This may not be the most brilliant decision that I have made but I surely hope it is beneficial. 

So, to relate the title to the post -- this is my final year in University of Birmingham. I am excited and sad at the same time. Excited to finally inshaAllah graduate and sad to leave the all so lovely-shiny-tremendous-gorgeous Birmingham. I love Birmingham so much, despite the group projects, lectures, (home)sickness, weight gain  and all the bad things in between. Being in love ain't everything lovely, tell ya that. And my student card discount only valid till 1st July, how sad is that?

Anyhow, I love Birmingham for who it has been blessed with and for what it has in store; experience wise I guess.  Am wordless actually to describe how Birmingham has stolen a special place in my heart. So, I may come with a series of "Studying in Birmingham" so that I may share/write even the tiniest details. And I hope this may help new students who are applying for Birmingham as well. So, do make duas for me and may God reward you with the best of all rewards.

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