It's Spring....wait a minute!

Assalamualaikum and peace yalls!

*pretty much sum up my post*

This week is the final week of Spring Break and that means revision lectures, equivalent to #wehavetogotouni #getoutofthehouse #ohmyduvet. So, today it was a bit windy when we left the house at 0830ish, so I need to put my jacket on, regardless. I was so reluctant to do to as the sun was out and shining. FYI, I did not look at the forecast unless when it was winter time -- the snow waiting game, of course. That's my bad. Everything was nice and cosy again as we get into the building and my oh my was it the perfect temperature?

After an hour or so, we had to get out and of course it was still windy and I was shaking so bad that my neck hurts. Was considering to put on neck braces but that would be too much. Anyhow, we went to our favourite study spot and stayed for 2 hours or so until lunch time. My stomach was growling but I know there was nothing edible at the moment. Well, unless I braced myself and go get meself some food and come back for lunch hour (no doubt HUNGRY). I was not that interested to get myself into trouble amidst the famine (in my stomach). 

I stopped writing 30mins before lunch hour just to picture the succulent jacket potato (baked potatoes topped with various fillings) and the so crunchy curly fries. My oh my, did I just swallowed a bowl of rice for breakfast? Na-ah did not remember that. I sprang up of my chair (literally) when the clock struck 12 and it is lunch time, everybody. It was cold, still but I know travelling 5mins for food will always worth it. At first, I wanted the curly fries but I had to wait for 7mins and my baby can't wait so I go for the jacket potato instead. We headed upstairs, to the musalla and we ate our food like happy kids. 

After getting the stomach filled and praying dhuhr, we headed out for our next class and guess was hailing outside. No wonder why it was so cold. But we still need to attend class, people and mehh it was not big of deal. We clenched our teeth and made it to the lecture room and it was heaven. It was still a bit cold that I did not take my jacket off. After 30mins or so, the lecturer wrapped up his session and we headed outside again.

Guess was sunny like there was not a slight sign of flurries or rain. My gosh, it was that fast and it was still cold, for the record. There was a see-saw of weather until we come home. And we have seen a lot in not more that 24 hours, guys. It is almost May, but what can't you say, kun fayakun (Be! and it will be.) 

This is the newest update regarding this matter, so you can check here.

There is a logic in this phenomenon, don't worry. It is called (click on this for a fun explanation) Sudden Stratospheric WarmingIt is informally defined as an abrupt jump in temperature way up in the stratosphere causing the weather to be colder as usual.

I had one conversation with one of my housemates when we were eating. I was eating beef and it was so tough, it almost took my teeth out. 

"Look! I can still chew on this beef when it is this tough. How amazing human beings are?"
"But to look at different angle, we helplessly sneeze when a tiny dust particle get into our nose."
"Yeah, that is so right. I think when Allah wills for something to happen then it happens?"

Well look at the water, we can drink it without breaking a single sweat with Allah's permission but when it is flooding, water will wipe us all out, again with the permission of Allah. He who sends down the wind, the snow, the rain and the sunny light all by His own permission and for our own good. So, fret not people (myself). He knows best while you know not. I don't know how relatable this is but anywayyyy....have a good day!