My mum

Assalamualaikum and peace yalss.

No, it is not my mom's birthday.

So today I called my mom just to get myself motivated and hopefully more productive. Haven't called her in a week, yeah she is pretty busy with her newborn boy, breastfeeding and stuff.

That typical whatchu doin, umi? And how's life? Everybody home? Did anyone get sick? How's ebi? How's abah? How's ih? How's everyone? My everyday script. I am more of a daughter when I'm home than on the phone. I tend to act all macho on the phone hehehe.

I am the eldest, turning 22 and haven't even confronted my mom with mommy-daughter issues and I think she might think of me as a late bloomer duhh. I am a shy daughter and I don't know how to have adult talks with her but today I tried.

My gosh her replies were the best, out of this world even. She made me look into a completely different and many angles. I know she kinda anticipated for her eldest to ask her for life advices. She was like excuse me girl, I eat more salt than you. That will make her tongue saltier than mine? What's the logic behind that, anyway?

And I know that she completely trusts me to make whatever decision for my life. She knows I am smart enough to deal with my life. She is still gonna be my forever pet-talks to go to.