O caliphs

Assalamualaikum and peace yalls.

As you might have known, my mom gave birth to a beautiful baby boy on 30th March and I already dedicated him a caption on instagram but I have found one that was written by my brother as well. It is so beautiful that I think worth sharing, here goes:

10 months and a week you got us waiting. You sure are a spoil little one even before you were born. I guess you are the last puzzle coz I doubt our umi can handle more with her age(lol?)
I was hoping for you to be my second little sister so that I can look out for you and tease you even when you grow older and make you my little slave but since you are a boy I hope that you can carry the responsibility as a son and do much more than any of your brothers. You were born when everyone is ready to leave home and get on with their own life such that your childhood wont be awesome as mine, but no worries I will be your fool for years to come just as I was a fool for your sister when she was still learning how to speak. When your cuteness wear down and your childish antics become more apparent and you start to tick our family, I will be the one that scold the one that scold you. I'm happy you were born when you can have anything you want since birth while I was born when maggi is a luxury so that, you growing healthy  is a sure thing. Well welcome I hope you become someone that I prayed for....a better muslim

You are always gonna be that awesome brother. Can't wait to meet you. May Allah grant you health, happiness and success. Psst, I love you.