Teacher wannabe

Assalamualaikum and peace yalls.

So today me gonna write the continuation to my Studying in Birmingham. This is more to a pre-departure stuff and how I really got this offer, full of drama (spoiler alert) and I ain't gonna romanticised the whole thing, lemme get this straight. This is not a nonsense effort to terrify you but I do learn something very valuable (a bit cliche but for REAL).

I haven't got a title for this post, yet but fret not Imma post this with a title and I have pre-departure in mind but yeah it is okay I am going to continue writing until I figured out the title. Enough with the title dramaaaa, let's finally jump into this (should I put some pictures in this post, should I not? Maynnn~)

My pre-degree studies was in Kolej Matrikulasi Perlis (KMP) or hyped to be Perlis Matriculation College. I did not want to go to this place at first, considering that my choices were Kolej Matrikulasi Kedah, Kolej Matrikulasi Penang and Kolej Matrikulasi Melaka, was super sad Kelantan got none. So I was in the remote-no shopping complex-only Cmart-dorm life-sharing toilets-eating at the cafe-none glamorous stuff KMP for a year. In matriculation stage (science stream), you got three choices to do. Haa you thought this one gonna be difficult, wait till you get older la. Basically the choices (modules) are :

1) Pure Science (Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics)
2) Mechanical Science (Maths, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science)
3) #idkwhattocallthis ( Maths, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science)

So I had chosen what my mom had told me to choose, she was like "Along, don't you dare take Biology." Being a solehah daughter and not loving Biology, yes you guess it right, I took Module 2. Thought of drum rolling this but never mind. I get to adapt pretty fast with the fast and challenging matriculation life (rolling my eyes and sleep). Thanks to my ever so lovely roommates, and classmates. I went to this KMP just to pursue my 4flat and at least band 4 MUET because I wanna do TESL for my degree.

Fast forwarding to 10 months or so, we are required to fill in our UPU form (don't know what this stand for too lazy to google it) and yeah you guess it super right that my choices were all TESL. Wanna do TESL so bad and now I am three years in my Maths degree gotta tell ya my English is rustic I can't even pronounce procrastination right, so doomed. I also filled in the form that brings me all to way from Malaysia to the UK. Never heard of this one until my friend told me. Did someone announced this? I don't know but maybe I wasn't paying any attention. Me good girl. I filled that form in when it was 2 days before it was due. And I need all those certificates which I didn't have any of them with me and got my mum to send it to my or to fax it I don't even remember because it was that long. But yeah alhamdulillah I eventually submitted it and waited for the best result. This was a month before our second sem finals.

After I had finished the studies, we went home and I went through a series of interviews, well couple of them. The first one was from Universiti Sains Malaysia. I was so lucky to have the interview back in my hometown rather than in Penang. After 5 days my parents had picked me up from Perlis, then they have to go to Penang? For an interview? Na-ah I am not doing it but alhamdulillah it was in Kelantan. The first part of the interview is of course to write a "Why do you want to be a teacher?" essay. I wrote a 4-pages long essay, and of course with my big and bulky handwriting, normal people will take up to only 2 pages. But I know students love someone whose handwriting is big and clear. That's a check for me. Honestly, I did not prepare much for this, considering this is my first ever interview. I heard 4 other candidates (they know each other, me forever alone) start to practice a very common questions that are likely to be asked. Who is the chancellor? What it TEFL? and what not. I composed myself and I trusted my guts even more, so no complaint. Just gonna wing it, like always. A girl without a plan, duhh.

Then, I was relocated to other rooms with other candidates. They are males, so they have to kinda go first, to be interviewed. No ladies first here. It was Friday noon and Friday prayers, guys so they got the advantage. So Imma chillin' right there and did what I do best, staring at the blank walls. USM pretty nice. My cold sweat broke when I heard them calling my name. Was it a call to the discipline department? No, even scarier. I handed my resume in and they.....colour tested me. So well the dreaded session began.

"Why should we pick you?"
"Well I am a very flexible person, able to adapt to any kind of situation very fast. It is uncommon for me to break down under pressure and I think USM is a very demandable university, that the input should generate the best output. So that one is a pressure right there, but yeah I will always try my best to be in the state I am with or without pressure."

"How will you attract your students when you are a teacher?"
"I think the name speaks for itself. The meaning of my name is attractive so I think that is a piece of cake for me hahaha. (This is a joke, people). So yeah, to be in the USM will expose me to various and latest teaching skills that will be undeniably useful for my future career. 

"How will you cater your students, when the language used in most subjects is Bahasa Melayu?"
"For me I speak Bahasa Melayu all the time and that doesn't really tarnished my English. It is a learning process and there are a lot of ways to learn English. Well, me myself I learned English by watching TV and listening to English songs. These are the easiest way to have a fun teaching session and students will be feeling less pressured."

I don't even know what has just came out from my mouth and that three questions were killers. Need to walk the talk, don't I? (Finally, got the title!)

So this post has been a little too long. Will update on this really soon! Have a great day everybody :)

p/s: This is me; about to go to the interview, donned my mom's baju kurung (the most comfy one) with my resume in hand. Pat in the 2013-me's back.

*editing game still strong*