That mysterious chicken, tho

Assalamualaikum and peace yalls!

gambar hiasan lulz

We live in a house of four and we cook accordingly. We have a schedule and that is super important to ensure that everybody is well fed. It is Spring Break right now and more to a study leave because of the summer exam. Our schedule is broke down to this, well I am not very good in explaining this but here goes;

We have 5 weekdays (Monday-Friday) and since there are only four of us, and luckily Wednesday is half day of school so everybody will be off by 1pm. So we voted for who gonna cook on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, and we take turns on Wednesday. Meaning that someone has to cook twice once every month. Sometimes, someone who cooks on Monday will be generous enough to cook on Sunday, combining the meals for Sunday and Monday. So yay to that we have food on Sunday.

But things has gotten pretty mysterious when it comes to Spring Break. Well, we normally would eat together and yeah we keep track of who has eaten and who has not, but not at this crucial month. We barely eat together it is usual for someone to not eat what had been cooked for that particular day (saved it for another day). The problem rose when it is time for someone else to eat and there are #leftoversnotleftovers and of course the who-has-eaten, did-she-ate game would be constantly asked. FYI, we packed 4 pieces of chicken per bag and it may be 5 per pack or even 6. But lemme tell ya it is very tiring when the answer is "I don't know" and I get really concerned with the chicken left alone in the pot #foreveralone. This has not gotten in my mind before but since there is a piece of chicken left for two days, I need to come out with a solution. Because communication is the key, here and with the constraint of tendency to be left hanging when someone updates "I have eaten" on whatsapp, I designed this sheet.

This sheet is surely helpful and really cut the hassle of asking everybody who has eaten and who has not or even WHOSE-CHICKEN-IS-THIS-IT-LOOKS-TASTY. It is need to be "ticked" by who has eaten on that particular day. And the chef of the day has to update how many pieces the chicken are and how she would like the chicken to be paired up if and only if the chicken are more than 4 pieces. Well, it really takes time to adapt to a new system but yeah we are trying lulz.

Anyway, the point is, staying organised in even the smallest aspects really do change even the biggest aspects of your life. I mean organisation is the key to success. Ali bin Abi Talib once said that "A contrived falsehood will defeat a not arrayed truth." This is a really profound statement because no matter what you are doing (good or bad but hopefully it is good), when you plan it carefully it will eventually work out. Planning is not a walk in the park, though. But doing something without a plan will destruct it even more. 

In this crucial month, it is really important to really plan out your study blue print. Because this kinda time only come once and we have to work smart. Working smart only works when we have clear plans. Why work hard when you can work smart? Keeping an organised life will keep you productive as well. Don't ya think? 

Anyhow, good luck everybodyyyyy!