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Assalamualaikum and peace yalls.

*Now I have a room to breathe in and out like a normal human being again*

So, there has been some sort of delayed in Studying in Birmingham (clicke for more series) series which has now reached its fourth series. Sooo, *checked previous posts* we have talked about the call, that heart pounding call and of course I had been accepted to University of Birmingham alhamdulillah.

The news spread all over town, the perks of living in a small village yalls and we kinda know each other but the thing is my parents know their co-leagues in parenthood so well that they were so willingly to tell anyone who asked. My dad, being the masjid committee and of course he was like why-not-spread-the-good-news-we-are-having-solat-hajat-in-my-house. So masjid, as all of us know is the capital of any civilisation hence the news spread like fire and no fireman can put this fire out. My dad is so YB-ish that he designed our current house to be people friendly and safe enough to accommodate the whole villagers.

Then, it went a little bit more official as the offer letter was sent out to me. I just had to take a picture of it and of course instagram-ed it. And it was me spreading the good news to the world. People had been preparing for uni for almost a month now and I had just gotten the offer letter #sofiveminutesago. But big girl gotta do what big girl gotta do and that was to go to KL to attend pre-departure and Kem Biro Tatanegara (every sponsored student need to attend this). I went to KL with my grandma who happened to babysit my cousin in Kajang.

My uncle picked us up from the bus station to his home in Kajang and the pre-departure was in Serdang and it was like a stone throw away from Kajang. Before our pre-dep, my housemate (soon-to-be at that time) texted me and I was so delighted that yay finally I am going to have a friend. She said that she is the youngest and needed the protection from the eldest (me). I was like yeah yeah don't worry kid, me gotcha. I stalked her Facebook and saw one picture of her which I doubt it's her for easier recognition at the pre-dep.

The next day came and I was literally like a cow in a desert. I did not feel belong and I just wanna go home and cry to my momma. The lady who was supposed to hand me in the room keys asked me if I want to be in the same room as my friend and I said no that's fine me got no friend. There I went my allocated room and hoping for a fun yet interactive roommates. And yay I got myself two younger-than-me roommates. We were supposed to go to the hall for further information and on my way, I saw someone pretty familiar. So I decided to text the actual person and it was actually her. Gahhh she was in the room next to mine with two other Brummies, me so sad but never mind I am going to be with her all day all the time and that was what I really did.

We were together all the way to BTN and fuhh she is one awesome lady. We signed up as roommates at BTN and remember an interactive roommate I prayed for, it was her. She talked a lot and I was always on the listening side. Well, I need a talkative husband errrkk okay get back on track get back on track, may day may day. There was something really funny happened and my friends still joke about that. I was an MC for one session and boy did I tell ya how out of place I was. Not going to go into too much details but whoever knows, knows. And so there was it, BTN equals to a lot of love to the homeland. We headed back home with our BTN's certificate and with pocket money from our sponsor to buy sweater and stuffs.

I was in KL for quite sometime and I did a little bit of shopping as well. I shop for my humongous luggage and my-grandma-pick-it-up-for-me sweater (I had only worn it once), as well as the unnecessary thermal wear which apparently costed me almost RM1000 for everything. RM1000 on a single receipt, maannn that was a lot. So, please please seek out for What-To-Bring-List from your seniors. I kinda made my own decision and that was why everything was regrettable. I also needed to have a tuberculosis (TB) tests for visa application. Maynn, there were only 3 hospitals in Malaysia that are valid for visa application.

I went to the Gleneagles Hospital in Ampang and booked my visa appointment considering that the result can be obtained within a day. It was my first time there and once again guys, a cow in a desert with my grandma and English speaking Benggali, it went wrong, everything went wrong. I asked the receptionist where can I get my TB tests and they said it was on second(?) floor and okay we took the elevator to the second floor. It was so scary over there and was it funeral parlour, I could not think straight at the moment. Was it a hidden camera? Maybe I should get casted for horror movies, well people say I look like Izara Aishah. Gahhh gotta hold my horses there. Where was I again, yeah the scary second floor and as always there will be at least one English speaking Benggali over there. I asked him whether I should do my TB tests here and guess what guys, he did not understand me. Maybe I should learn Benggali before coming to KL. So, I decided to return to the receptionist one more time and really look him in the eyes and asked the question that I had already asked 5 people already. And it is on the other floor and alhamdulillah finally I was there filling my form and getting x-rayed yay fun stuff. The doctor told me that the result should be ready by the day after and I was so relieved because my visa appointment was later than the TB test result.

But nooooo, I can't imagine this happening to me.....