The Extremes

Assalamualaikum and peace yalls.

According to Mathematics, well Linear Programming to be exact, said that a problem will have its extreme point when the points are on the edge of a feasible solution. Meaning that the extremes are well exposed to danger of being infeasible when another constraint come and top it off. But the extreme point must go through a series of branching and bounding (modification) to finally be the optimal solution to the problem.

We are the extreme when it comes to our needs and our disliking. We want what we want and willing to do anything for it and somehow we don't want what we don't want and avoid anything that will lead us to it. Humans. But awesomeness are not anywhere near your comfort zones. You just gotta be the extreme point and ultimately after few tries, the optimal solution. You may fall short but hey we can always try. And how may we try when we don't even want to challenge ourself.

And making life decisions show that we are strong enough to face our fear of losing something old and gaining something new. That is just the basic equation of life where everything has its own phase and moreover nothing really last in your life. So, get ready to lose some and win some. Our life need to grow. We can't let life live in stagnation just because we are not ready yet. Readiness is so subjective that when you force it, you will ultimately can be ready. If you don't push yourself then you will never know what you are capable of. Allah make you choose for a reason, for you to grow and for your life to grow.

I had been assigned to do something that I am nowhere near ready and I do keep whining about it every single day but that lesson throughout my not ready to ready phase is beyond magical. Am I not ready or am I lack of preparation? That is one question worth asking for. Let put it this way, you know exams are coming and you just can't say you are not ready, you are just unprepared. And preparing is only 30% of getting the job done, the job is done when you actually do the job. Practicality is the key here, people. Being practical and start doing. People's experience can be our guidelines but not the emotional touch to it. You just gotta do it and let your emotions kick in. When I was 15, people tell me that Add Math is so difficult that no one gonna even afford an A in that subject and I studied Add Maths for two years thinking that it was so hard and I couldn't understand it and decided to not concentrate anymore. That costed me big time people. 

So now I am doing my degree in Mathematics and I am enjoying my course so much that I am so close to graduation inshaAllah. Not everything is easy but alhamdulillah everything is bearable. Our capacities are not the same and to discover more of your capacity, yes you got it right, challenge yourself. Nothing will be thrown at you where you couldn't even lift it. 

La yukallifullahu nafsan illa wus'aha, remember?

"Allah will not burden a soul beyond its capacity...." [2:286]