Unconditional Love

Assalamualaikum and peace yalls!

"To give and not expect return, that is what lies at heart of love." - Oscar Wilde

It was Mother's Day yesterday and despite all the things brought to discussions, "On this day we celebrate you but everyday we honour you. The rock of the nation and the makers of men. 
Happy Mother's Day, Momma." (That was taken from Trevor Noah's Facebook page)

So, my housemate and I will typically have a brunch break conversation discussing the global trend, and what's what. Yesterday's topic was *drumroll* about mothers. She said that her mom will always fulfilled her wishes even when she figuratively asked for it and guess what all moms are. They can't stand looking at their child wanting to especially eat something and she will make it right on the spot. I remembered my birthday feast was all about nasi kerabu, solok lada and laksa - my favourite and it ain't easy kiddos. I had made nasi kerabu thrice in three years, yeah gonna break it down to once a year but that just showed how difficult it is. There are too many elements and I just couldn't toss any elements away because that was how my mom would make it. And solok lada, I couldn't even tell how misery I felt and I am such a failure. I failed to nail it hence to not making it anymore. I am so depressed just by telling you this. 

That was just a really simple example that don't even include my mom carried a 50kg me into the car (dad at work) when I was sick and needed to go to the hospital. To top it off, she was also 50kgs at that time. I was a heavy kid growing up. She did not take even a minute to think and people around her was like, "seriously you gonna do this you gonna break yourself." but na-ah my mom is a supermom (ironmom - she really does all the ironing in the house till I was 15). I get sick a lot, like a lot and she is never tired to accompany me to the hospital and tell the doc what was wrong with me. It was more to a "she knows me better than I know myself". 

I don't know what made her so strong and I assumed it is love and she had a forelsket. I just can't help it, why are you loving me so much when I am such a trouble. I had been a troublemaker 9 months before you had really seen me. That is more than my age at any stage. You don't owe me anything, in fact I owe you everything. There goes this one saying, "Your parents made duas to have you while you don't." It showed so much love. Looking back to my 22 years of serving her, wait a minute was it she serving me every time? I don't know but I would always wanted to make her happy, all the time. Seeing her smile is the greatest feeling ever and I will never wanted to be mad at me. I mean it is so hard to not make her go gorilla because we kids are rebellious. So I made her this poem and shout out to all the moms in the world, you guys are awesome. Can't wait to join the club!

I felt misplaced, 
why am I in this dark place,
I can't see no face,
No there is not even room or space,
I play with myself everyday in every way,
In my own pace.

Days past by
You would swallowed one whole pie,
You know I am not going that far to try,
You just have to wish the pie goodbye,
You can't eat what you usually eat and cry,
Because I just don't bother to understand why.

I has been months since I am in here,
I can now hear you clear,
I am now do not fear,
I would stay for another year,
This place is so dear,
Because I have you to steer.

It has finally came,
The time of your pain,
And I will be getting a name,
You now have the right to claim,
That you are one of the fame.

And one more thing, our conversation (my housemate and I) went a little to deep. I think this love showered to us is of course by the mercy of Allah. In fact Allah loves us, more. When we fell our parents' love are the ultimate but remember the love of Allah is far greater. We have always been a trouble and a sinner to Allah but Allah keeps forgiving us.

"When Allah created mankind, He also decreed, "My mercy will overcome My anger."" - Al-Bukhari and Muslim.

This post has been a one sided love story, don't you think? We can sacrifice. To show that we love them as well and we love Allah too. Actions do speak louder than words. That's why to attain mardhatillah is by doing things that Allah loves and doing something for someone will only work when we love them. It will be a tough job to sacrifice when you do not love someone but our hearts do change, right? We can love someone we hate before and vice versa so that's how it goes for this one. Force your heart to love, sincerity will come later inshaAllah. And of course make a lot of duas may the mercy of Allah remain in this world and in the Hereafter.

May Allah bless you :)