Summer Blues

Assalamualaikum and peace yalls!

So according to Facebook, summer had only begun two days ago (20th June) which is for me personally is a bit late but who I have no knowledge of the weather to detect when summer really is in town. 19 degree celc is summer for me but with rainy days almost every day, I started to doubt is summer really is here.

Anyhow Ramadhan in conjunction with Summer really squeeze me to my breaking point to stay on track. I am not talking about the weather, I mean coming from Malaysia this ain't hot enough and alhamdulillah it is bearable but the timing is really off for me. To start fasting as early as 3am provide an enormous room for oversleeping and to wake up when the sun rises (well it rises at 4am) is guilty as charged. DO YOU EVEN KNOW HOW SHORT ACTUALLY FASTING IN THE UK IS WHEN YOU OVERSLEPT?

More importantly, I tend to demotivate myself because I know I can wake up early but maynn the temptation of I-still-need-4-hours-of-sleep really bothers me. Yeah 4 hours, like I can trust myself. Sometimes I don't even know whether I get enough sleep or not because I'd only be sleeping when its 4am well in my defence.

Enough with the rambling and I need to come out with a plausible solution which I know the only thing is to keep myself occupied and I need to set a firm alarm to not re-sleep is that even a word. My days are pretty much wasted when this happened because I know I can do a lot of stuff not sleeping.

Better days ahead, shall we? May Allah ease us.

Sentimental Value

Assalamualaikum and peace yalls!

So it has been a really fast Ramadhan for me this year, we are into two weeks already. What I have basically been doing is packing for Malaysia. With three years of stuff to go through maynnn it is a lot of work. I have ordered two maxi boxes which can contain 40kgs of stuff but na-ah not enough. Lucky me, I will still be going to London, and some of my stuffs are also going to be moved to London.

Packing is really hard for me because of my sentimental value. Goshh tell me to put the receipts, the bags in the trash bin and I will cry, literally cry. But I should have no mercy at all when packing, plus I am restricted to two boxes. I can't bring everything I found valuable and have a special place in my heart. They deserve better places anyway. I had been shipping my stuff back since the last two years actually so I shouldn't have the amount of stuff I had right now but yeah things happen.

The silliest thing I had done is to ship my clothes 40kgs of them and only to bring them back in the upcoming September. Waste of money and space duhhh blame my sentimental value. But now, I had done packing and I can rest, take pictures of the Birmingham I will always miss. Happy live indeed.

Psst, we are almost into the last ten nights of Ramadhan, go for it guys!

Ramadhan Kareem

Assalamualaikum and peace yalls.

But first, lemme wish you Ramadhan Kareem and alhamdulillah we are now onto our sixth day of Ramadhan phewhhh and should we now on our way in to completing six juzu' of Quran already #ramadhangoals? This holy month is anyway the ibadah fest, let's make the best out of it and may this Ramadhan be our best Ramadhan.

Anyhow this Ramadhan is so special to me because I will be fasting for the whole month in the UK translating to 19hours of fasting alhamdulillah and sad enough I will be celebrating Eid in the UK as well. But taking fasting for 19 hours to a different horizon is not that bad actually. People do wish me good luck on fasting for 19 hours which is alhamdulillah bearable but my liquid intake would be pretty low causing me to dehydrate pretty fast. On normal days, 2 litres of water would be easy for me to gulp but only 5 hours a day of permissible eating and drinking, 2 litres seem like a dream.

So what I would always do well at least for this 5 days is to always carry my drinking bottle with me in the nick of iftar. Well, bottles are a lot more promising than mugs or glasses in my opinion. So, when it is time for iftar, I will grab a date and drink at least 250ml of water, then only I will eat my main dish. After the main dish, I go straight to the toilet to perform my wudhuk and refill my 500ml water bottle for Maghrib all the way to tarawikh and witr. Well, we do tarawikh at home rotating the imam between the four of us because our nearest masjid only offers male's corner only but they are collecting fund to renovate the masjid biiznillah. So alhamdulillah, so far I am 100% on track with my 750ml liquid intake. Then, I would sleep for at least 2 hours, to prepare myself for sahoor which only include a date because I am still full with my iftar meal and of course 500ml of water.

So that's that. Anyway, for our amal checklist and believe me it is so easy to neglect and abandon the self made #ramadhangoals unless you really jot down what you want to achieve. What I did was, I keep a Ramadhan tracker and it really helps me so much because it is so satisfying to cross one checklist after another. Ramadhan is actually a training ground for better us so it is always a good time to start now. If you wanna memorize the juz amma, then go for it. You wanna complete one juzu' per day, then go for it but always always know that this is not a race, and please do this in your own pace. It doesn't matter whether you complete it or not, but it is the effort that counts. So, don't get yourself tensed out just because you need to fit in with certain benchmark. Allah knows your capabilities and well aware of your efforts. And hey, we are talking about long term projection here, we do not want this ibadah fest to end as soon as Eid is in the corner, we want to bring this forward until the next Ramadhan.

And always, don't forget your books even the simplest book you can ever find, it does not matter. Train yourself to read because reading matures us believe it or not. You can start with 5 minutes a day and gradually add the minutes up. The best time to read is of course before sleep. Put aside your phones when you are ready to sleep which I am still fail to do to enhance the quality of your sleep. We are talking about quality sleep leads to quality day ahead so do not underestimate your sleep. You still need to sleep. Well, I am saying that sleep is so important hahahaha.

Anyhow whatever method (syariah compliance)  suits you to be better you, go for it. May Allah have mercy on us all. Have a blessed Ramadhan :)


Assalamualaikum and peace yalss!

I know....I haven't updated my blog (my other social medias as well) since forever, it just that I don't feel like it. Anyway, just wanted to share with you my happy news (la sangat).


I had received my offer letter for my postgraduate studies in St Mary's University, London. After all the I-think-I-might-have-to-do-it-in-Malaysia drama, they sent us the offer just in the nick of the time. It was after my second last paper like 2000 years ago teehee kidding on 19th May I guess soooo another year in the UK yay mee.......

So last week, we were inducted by the St Mary's people for a look around the uni, it was so much fun except for the typical London commutation. It has been over a year since I went to London. The thought of how citified London is scared me. The underground, overground and stuffs, my greatest fear maybe. My motion sickness may be getting worse at least for a year. The worst part is, the journey took us over 3 hours and I had lost all of my lunch thanks to the motion sickness. To puke in a train is not a good idea people, just think about it. 

Anyway, we were so fortunate to think thoroughly about this journey that we decided to go the day before the induction so that we can stay over for a night and getting familiar with the London's vibe. And that just make me love Birmingham even more. Anyway, I have this feeling that Birmingham is slowly dejecting me and that scares me so much because I kinda need to stay for graduation and it just so awkward to cling to something that doesn't want you....I am getting emotional nowadays.

Actually I think I need to state a point or even points to what I will be doing in London because people do ask a lot and they will always ask even when I already had told them. No no don't get me wrong, I enjoy answering questions but it just get so complicated for me. At first, I thought it was just some basic thing that requires me to teach UK student but actually it is more than that. It is a postgraduate studies in education, so I have to juggle between teaching and thesis (essays). My essays will basically be about my teaching methods, skills etc. I think I better put it this way; well you study Masters degree in say Biology, and for you to compile your report, you have to go to the lab and do the thing that you gotta do. So that is basically what I will be doing phewhhh.

Of course I had to seek for advices from someone who had gone through this. They said it is worth it, well maybe because they are all done with their courses I don't know but it is gonna be hard, they warned me. To commute is the worst part. I am hoping that to where ever Allah gonna put me in, it is just to make me stronger and bolder. I cant wait to share my PGCE experience with you guys until then, toodles!

Ramadhan Kareem!