Ramadhan Kareem

Assalamualaikum and peace yalls.

But first, lemme wish you Ramadhan Kareem and alhamdulillah we are now onto our sixth day of Ramadhan phewhhh and should we now on our way in to completing six juzu' of Quran already #ramadhangoals? This holy month is anyway the ibadah fest, let's make the best out of it and may this Ramadhan be our best Ramadhan.

Anyhow this Ramadhan is so special to me because I will be fasting for the whole month in the UK translating to 19hours of fasting alhamdulillah and sad enough I will be celebrating Eid in the UK as well. But taking fasting for 19 hours to a different horizon is not that bad actually. People do wish me good luck on fasting for 19 hours which is alhamdulillah bearable but my liquid intake would be pretty low causing me to dehydrate pretty fast. On normal days, 2 litres of water would be easy for me to gulp but only 5 hours a day of permissible eating and drinking, 2 litres seem like a dream.

So what I would always do well at least for this 5 days is to always carry my drinking bottle with me in the nick of iftar. Well, bottles are a lot more promising than mugs or glasses in my opinion. So, when it is time for iftar, I will grab a date and drink at least 250ml of water, then only I will eat my main dish. After the main dish, I go straight to the toilet to perform my wudhuk and refill my 500ml water bottle for Maghrib all the way to tarawikh and witr. Well, we do tarawikh at home rotating the imam between the four of us because our nearest masjid only offers male's corner only but they are collecting fund to renovate the masjid biiznillah. So alhamdulillah, so far I am 100% on track with my 750ml liquid intake. Then, I would sleep for at least 2 hours, to prepare myself for sahoor which only include a date because I am still full with my iftar meal and of course 500ml of water.

So that's that. Anyway, for our amal checklist and believe me it is so easy to neglect and abandon the self made #ramadhangoals unless you really jot down what you want to achieve. What I did was, I keep a Ramadhan tracker and it really helps me so much because it is so satisfying to cross one checklist after another. Ramadhan is actually a training ground for better us so it is always a good time to start now. If you wanna memorize the juz amma, then go for it. You wanna complete one juzu' per day, then go for it but always always know that this is not a race, and please do this in your own pace. It doesn't matter whether you complete it or not, but it is the effort that counts. So, don't get yourself tensed out just because you need to fit in with certain benchmark. Allah knows your capabilities and well aware of your efforts. And hey, we are talking about long term projection here, we do not want this ibadah fest to end as soon as Eid is in the corner, we want to bring this forward until the next Ramadhan.

And always, don't forget your books even the simplest book you can ever find, it does not matter. Train yourself to read because reading matures us believe it or not. You can start with 5 minutes a day and gradually add the minutes up. The best time to read is of course before sleep. Put aside your phones when you are ready to sleep which I am still fail to do to enhance the quality of your sleep. We are talking about quality sleep leads to quality day ahead so do not underestimate your sleep. You still need to sleep. Well, I am saying that sleep is so important hahahaha.

Anyhow whatever method (syariah compliance)  suits you to be better you, go for it. May Allah have mercy on us all. Have a blessed Ramadhan :)