Sentimental Value

Assalamualaikum and peace yalls!

So it has been a really fast Ramadhan for me this year, we are into two weeks already. What I have basically been doing is packing for Malaysia. With three years of stuff to go through maynnn it is a lot of work. I have ordered two maxi boxes which can contain 40kgs of stuff but na-ah not enough. Lucky me, I will still be going to London, and some of my stuffs are also going to be moved to London.

Packing is really hard for me because of my sentimental value. Goshh tell me to put the receipts, the bags in the trash bin and I will cry, literally cry. But I should have no mercy at all when packing, plus I am restricted to two boxes. I can't bring everything I found valuable and have a special place in my heart. They deserve better places anyway. I had been shipping my stuff back since the last two years actually so I shouldn't have the amount of stuff I had right now but yeah things happen.

The silliest thing I had done is to ship my clothes 40kgs of them and only to bring them back in the upcoming September. Waste of money and space duhhh blame my sentimental value. But now, I had done packing and I can rest, take pictures of the Birmingham I will always miss. Happy live indeed.

Psst, we are almost into the last ten nights of Ramadhan, go for it guys!