Summer Blues

Assalamualaikum and peace yalls!

So according to Facebook, summer had only begun two days ago (20th June) which is for me personally is a bit late but who I have no knowledge of the weather to detect when summer really is in town. 19 degree celc is summer for me but with rainy days almost every day, I started to doubt is summer really is here.

Anyhow Ramadhan in conjunction with Summer really squeeze me to my breaking point to stay on track. I am not talking about the weather, I mean coming from Malaysia this ain't hot enough and alhamdulillah it is bearable but the timing is really off for me. To start fasting as early as 3am provide an enormous room for oversleeping and to wake up when the sun rises (well it rises at 4am) is guilty as charged. DO YOU EVEN KNOW HOW SHORT ACTUALLY FASTING IN THE UK IS WHEN YOU OVERSLEPT?

More importantly, I tend to demotivate myself because I know I can wake up early but maynn the temptation of I-still-need-4-hours-of-sleep really bothers me. Yeah 4 hours, like I can trust myself. Sometimes I don't even know whether I get enough sleep or not because I'd only be sleeping when its 4am well in my defence.

Enough with the rambling and I need to come out with a plausible solution which I know the only thing is to keep myself occupied and I need to set a firm alarm to not re-sleep is that even a word. My days are pretty much wasted when this happened because I know I can do a lot of stuff not sleeping.

Better days ahead, shall we? May Allah ease us.