I have so many things to be grateful for and this is one of them - to simply being alive with awesome companions (sharing laughters, tears, space and most importantly foods).

I don't how to put 3years worth of love into words, being from completely strangers to crossing each other's paths in a good way. Love is so weird that it took me nearly nanoseconds to be in love with all of you.

We have our ups and downs (akok tak jadi) doubts, insecurities and all but being with each other soothe everything. We learned how to cope with everybody, and how to live with someone we had never know of existing. To learn that everybody is beautiful in their own different ways and accept differences are so important.

God blesses me with all of you and I am gonna keep you in my silent prayers. I love all of you so much and people say that you'd only find yourself when you are with good companions. Happy graduating guys, congratulations all the hard works, tears, stay ups paid off inshaAllah. 

We are all alhamdulillah graduating soon on the same day, 11th July inshaAllah. So we are leaving the Red Brick Campus after all and I am dying a little inside but life must go on for me to continue learning and being better.