A tribute

Hey, it's raining here in London waking me up in absolute dark,
I guess I am worst, I am thunderstorm inside,
It's 9 degrees and I’m 37 but still colder than the weather,
Heat from the steel is still not enough,
But I'm closing my eyes before reality comes biting my tail.

Hey, it's raining here in London and you don't know,
I quietly say it again that the situation is to be blamed,
I am crushed inside that your scent got washed away,
By the morning rain and wetland,
But you flourish roses and I guess that is close enough.

Hey it's raining here in London and I need you to hold me tight,
The blanket you sent me got ripped somehow,
My heels are so heavy to move away from this coldness,
My eyes are icy cold that freezes my heart and brain,
Winter comes early don't you think?

Hey it's raining here in London and it's for you,
But your eyes that always tickle me are shut forever,
The smile that I have always been waiting is sealed for good,
I thought it hurts to love you,
But it is more hurtful to lose you.

Hey it's raining here in London and it's perfectly greeting my drenched heart,
I hope you are listening to the prayers I send up above,
I know Lord is keeping you safe with Him,
Have a good rest and we shall meet again in a better place.


I lost my phone


So yesterday I lost my phone. My precious phone. My full storage phone containing a lot of photos and memories that I didn't even save somewhere safe (teehee). Anyway, as terrible as the experience was, I actually didn't feel anything well maybe a little surprised but I was not sad, to be honest. Anyway, it happened so fast like I can't even digest what was happening.

I went to Wembley with a couple of friends for a quick meet up, then we went for lunch and ah-ha there is an outlet there so we better go solat there and roam around. So that was what I did, roaming around with no intention to buy anything. Then, someone called my friend saying that her card holder was falling from her pocket and that person who found it actually lost her phone. I was randomly checking my phone and I couldn't feel the vibe from my phone anywhereeeee.... I had searched my jacket and my bag but I found nothing. Anyway, I was so certain that it may have fallen out of my pocket and I think that was why I was yeah I could say calm. After 30mins I decided to leave my details to the staff, just in case they'd found my phone. So with happy faces and smiles, one of the staff said that when their cleaner comes tomorrow morning and if they found something then they will let me know.

Fast forward to 2mins (mehhh), we went to the customer service, well just in case somebody had found my phone and took it to the customer service. We have to try everything okay and I must admit that I was so tired that I'm gonna sleep and ignore all of these things. Anyway, two of my friends were already there to file a report and when I got to the room, there were like 2 or 3 more people complaining about losing their phone and money. And actually, one of my friends (the one who her card holder was found on the floor) found out later that day that her wallet was also missing. I mean she had her backpack on and no chance of the wallet falling out. So, the security guy took us to the crime scene and look into the CCTV footage to track any suspicious activities and had confirmed that my phone was stolen and he saw those people (two of them) dropped my friend's card holder.

Anyway, I don't know when will I get a new phone because I don't feel like it now. I don't know if I'm traumatized or something but yeah not feeling it yet. And so far 1 night with no phone seems okay but anyway went I get up this morning I did felt that tech especially phones play a really important role in my life -- I mean they are our alarm and stuff. But yeah stay safe peopleeeee.