Day 1: Gratitude log


Well alhamdulillah I am so grateful that I am still thinking to do this challenge :)
Anyway, being grateful is not as simple you thought, just because every blessing is already taken for granted nauzubillah. So, this challenge is gonna stretch my mind into thinking about being thankful, thus becoming my second nature. Ameen.

My gratitude log goes --

1) Getting up from the bed
2) Brushing my teeth on my own
3) Waking up in peace and early
4) To not panic (haven't finished my essay - 3% of it)
5) Able to take bath - there's water
6) Realising that there's still time to do anything ( i mean its not the end of the world)
7) And it's half term breakkkk!

Alhamdulillah. Well, it is only 830 a.m -- there are already 7 and of course we will never count it right as Allah says in the Quran. Anyway, I still have a long day ahead. I am so afraid omg.

See you soon :)