Embarking on happiness


I am currently taking a break from writing my essay and I don't want my momentum to stop, hence this post.

Anyway, there was a test hosted by Buzzfeed on 'What do you fear the most' the other day and I immediately decided to take on the test, well just in case. So, the result is, I quoted

"Scared of never being truly happy."

The elaboration goes -- Your deepest fear is never finding happiness or satisfaction in life. You often find yourself wondering what else is out there in the world and sometimes look around at what you have and worry that there'll be nothing more to add to your life. You find that you can be restless and when you achieve or reach one goal, you're immediately on the move to try to reach the next level. The best thing you can do is to allow yourself time to feel pride in what you've achieved before moving on to something new.

Well, thank you, Buzzfeed for stating the obvious. Although most of part of the statement is true but it is still arguable. I think it is so true that I am so scared of never truly being happy and I think it is because I am not content with anything most of the times, which is like so ungrateful of me. I know Alhamdulillah for all the blessings. I am still so grateful that Allah chooses me to feel sad because I know that even the simplest things can make me happy. I mean receiving a sweet emoticon from my friends, looking at the sunset, making my friends and family laugh, waking up early, and a freshly brewed green tea can make me happy. I guess the problem is that it is so simple that the happiness span does not last. 

[Advertisement] Anyway, I have been reading Trevor Noah's book 'Born A Crime' which is recommendable and I guarantee you, happiness in store! Whenever I read that book, I would always hear his voice in my ears that's how addicted I am hahahahaha errr well because sometimes I listen to him reading his book. [Thank you]

Anyway, I think there are only two ways to be happy; by being content and grateful. 

So, I am going to challenge myself to blog 100 days of gratitude. Wish me luckkkk :)