New place new environment new hope


I am kick starting my placement at a new school tomorrow (20 Feb 2017). Phewhh I am so nervous to deal with people so much so I was shutting my brain the whole entire day. Truth is, I hate meeting people and to meet people with reportedly poor behaviour is no amusement at all, and to handle them some more (Lord! Gimme strength). But I know I shouldn't be so judgemental --  well I haven't met them and I can't let my expectations spoil me like last time.

So I am clearing my mind from expectations and everything and setting my mind to accept gladly everything that is thrown at me (pray for me). So, at this moment, I have nothing but happy thought and faith that this new placement will change me tremendously, well in a good way inshaAllah. In fact, I don't have anything to complaint, well I don't have to go alone and it is a sixth form college which means I don't have to deal with kids. As much as I love kids, showing your attention and love to 30 of them at the same time is hard. So, maybe I will have to revise my family planning -- how much kids I can handle :p Anyway, back on track, my workload may not be as heavy as before. Teaching sixth formers doesn't need me to be much of a performer/mother/comedian/friend like teaching kids. I am so nervous, still.

Anyhoo, I can't wait to go to school tomorrow. Gonna be a true Londoner as my school is in Zone 2, so can't wait for that too. Please pray for me and may all of you be eased as well :)