Well, to be honest


Thank God I've revived my negativities and show 'em who's the boss.

Anyway, let's be honest here....I have never hated my journey, but lately, I've been hating it. I beg your pardon, not lately but since the beginning of my PGCE, which is so unusual to me because I have never hated my life journey, yeah I complained but I've never hated it. I feel terrible thinking that hating this journey might be the cause why I am so miserable each day. I know for a fact that Allah sent us to wherever suits us and I believe in His plan so religiously that the outcome of this journey better is good.

I always think that I'm so childish for not thinking straight ahead and overwhelming myself with not-worth-of-stress problems. It is just something I'm not good at -- ignoring. I don't want to be an ignorant but sometimes I know I have to appropriately ignore things - at the right time and place. Ignorance is bliss, they say -- I guess it's true, not gonna argue.

Anyway, please pray for me and it's actually very easy for me to be motivated pun. I will just google some inspirational quotes and sayings and I'll get motivated asap -- the reason why I installed "Momentum' on Chrome. Allah says that we human are so impatient, I believe that that's me. I'm so impatient with my journey that I wanted to get it done right now. But, 4 months to go and I know I can do this!