Worst day, so far


Gratitude log: Day 14, 15 and 16.

It's almost the end of week 2! Ya feel? Time has been flying super fast, alhamdulillah and I have no time to beat myself up and being sad for no reasons whatsoever. I am more healed alhamdulillah. I am adapting myself pretty fast and making a lot more conversations with my colleagues. I am always so blessed for my students are welcoming me and putting me at ease. Whenever I entered the classroom, they will smile and wave their hands at me while greeting me. That was what I feared the most before coming to that school but alhamdulillah I can now walk through a huge crowd and show 'em who's in charge.

But today, (day 16) something had happened and it kinda shook my confidence down. I was completely dumbfounded earlier this morning. One of my students raised her voice at me because I've shown her the wrong way of answering one of the questions. Well, in my defence, I didn't teach her how, she just showed me how she did it and it seems alright to me (finding median from a cumulative frequency graph), that was why I think it is right. And I know, I have to assess her first before I jump to the conclusion. As she asked me how to do the same sorta question, then only I teach her. Immediately after I told her how to do it, she completely vented and I told her how sorry I was. But she couldn't care less. Well, at that moment I could literally cry but I just have to toughen myself up and bracing myself for more. I will never know, innit?

Anyway, lemme just cry in my blanket hahahahahaha. Have a good day :)